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Ganesha Deep

349.00 (inclusive of GST)

Product Details
  • Each box contains one brass lamp and 8 lamp oil refills.
  • Lighting lamps made clean and easy with puja lamp oil refills.
  • Place refill in the lamp and light. When done, replace refill.


Lamp Oil Refill – Details

Ingredients used in each of the lamp oil refills contains vegetable oil mixed with Panchadepam oil, which comprises the following:

  • Pure Gingelly/Sesame oil, which is believed to eliminate difficulties and obstacles from one’s life.
  • Pure Cow’s ghee, for prosperity, health and happiness. It is also said to bring peace to one’s life and dispel poverty.
  • Mahua oil extracted from the Mahua tree, which is said to free one from debt.
  • Castor oil is believed to bring fame and happiness to one’s family while promoting harmony.
  • Neem oil is said to bring wealth into your home.

Salient features

  • Each lamp oil refill lights (burns) up to one hour
  • Cotton Wick
  • Does not leave any soot or smoke
  • Clean handling
  • Recyclable, eco-friendly.

Additional information

Weight 0.350 kg
Product ID

GD 1X8 R1Hr

Product Title

Ganesha Deep (1×8)


Golden Star Food Heating Manufacturing LLC., Dubai, UAE.


1 Brass Lamp with Lid and 8 puja lamp oil refills.

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GD 1X8 R1Hr


Box dimension: 12 L (cms) x 8.5 W (cms) x 7.5 H (cms)

Material Type

Lamp: Brass; Puja Lamp Oil Refills: Metal can with cotton wick and puja lamp oil. The puja lamp oil is a mixture of panchadeepam oil and vegetable oil.


Refill burn time: 1 hrs.

Product Dimension

Brass Lamp: Size: 10 cms Height x 6.5 cms Width; Weight: 160 grams