What does a person aspire for?

Most people asked this question would respond with a lot of money, good health, harmony with family and friends, laughter, joy, happiness, the list can go on.

Now comes the next question – what do I need to do to get all this? We don’t have all the answers to that big question but what we can tell you is the first step towards this seemingly impossible dream is to light a lamp.

Light a lamp you ask, incredulously? It cannot be as simple as all that. We never said it was, but all we would like to share with you is that lighting any lamp, not just ours, would be the first step in the right direction. Lighting a lamp symbolically means you are removing darkness from your life.

A simple practice of lighting a lamp does many things for your environment irrespective of which religion you follow. It creates a wonderful aura and atmosphere for calm introspection and lets the universe know your aspirations.

Very often in today’s rushed life we forget to light a lamp due to the hassle of having to pour oil, set the wick and light the lamp. Not to mention the clean up afterwards.

What if all you had to do was place a lamp refill in a traditional lamp and light it? Would that make you more likely to light a lamp every day?

Now what if we were to tell you that the lamp refill had a mixture of vegetable lamp oil and Panchadeepam oil and burnt without smoke or soot for an hour?

Combine this elegantly designed lamp refill with a classic Lakshmi lamp and you have the perfect solution to lighting a lamp every day. Once the refill burns out, all you have to do is replace it. With many designs that include Ganesh Deep, Padma Deep, Kuber Deep, Durga Deep, and Balaji Deep, you have a range of lamps to choose from. The refills are available in a pack of 30 which you can buy independently after your first purchase of your chosen lamp. Sounds too easy and too good to be true? It isn’t. Find out for yourself by ordering one.

Always remember
Do not pray to have no obstacles in life, but in having the strength to deal with them.
Everyone has obstacles in life. The ones who succeed are those who overcome them.

We wish you well on your path towards peace and prosperity.

How to Use


Remove cover
from lamp


Remove plastic cap from lamp
oil refil and place it in lamp


Replace metal cover over the
lamp oil refil


Light the lamp