We all know that lighting a deepam or puja lamp or diya is part of our everyday custom in most households in India. Lighting a diya is an essential aspect of all ceremonies including worships, festivals, religious occasions, auspicious days etc., Ever wondered why every new beginning or inauguration of a new venture is always done by lighting a lamp?

A burning lamp represents fire, one of the five principal elements of nature. Fire represents purity as anything that comes in contact with fire is immediately purified, the way impure gold is converted into pure gold when it is burnt in fire.

Diya or Puja lamp plays a significant role in Hinduism as it signifies removal of darkness and negative forces from the vicinity. It is believed that negative forces and evil spirits gain power in darkness and that is the reason why diyas or brass diyas for pooja are lit in our households to dispel those negative forces.

There is a still deeper and philosophical significance attached to lighting puja lamps or vilaku, as popularly known in South India. The oil in a puja lamp symbolizes unwanted muck in our mind such as greed, hatred, lust, jealousy, which tend to get nurtured and grow manifold when it is not curtailed. The cotton wick in the lamp is symbolic to the soul or the self. The puja lamp represents light when the oil is burnt through a wick. Thus, lighting of puja lamps signifies an opportunity for one to get rid of negative and materialistic thoughts and free oneself from all forms of sadness, and attain eternal happiness through enlightenment by connecting with the Supreme Being.

When one aspires to change the world, the first step is to change oneself from within. Conquering self is the first step to conquer the external world. Thus, when one aspires to achieve something in one’s life, beginning with a clear mind is the first step towards achieving it. Thus, beginning a new mission with a lamp allows to clear the mind by removing the clutter and let the mind focus on the results.

The science behind lighting a lamp

Puja Lamp or diya when it is lit using wick and oil or ghee creates an aura of illumination. This radiance that emanates from the lamp creates a bunch of electromagnetic waves that opens up the mind and activates the sensory nerves of the mind of the person who prays or sits near the lamp. Thus, these electromagnetic waves enhance the brain function and allow the person to think better and think positively. Thus when a person is praying or making his wishes before a lighted lamp, it results in a concentrated thought and allows the mind to focus on that aspect better. A strong and concentrated thought creates a strong belief system which helps the individual to act on his wishes with greater focus leading to accomplishment.

Further, a burning lamp keeps on emitting activated carbon particles, which are purification agents. These carbon particles (kind of charcoal) are proven to absorb all the impurities and pathogens present in that atmosphere and make that place pure and harmless. The temperature created through that burning lamp also helps in detoxification of the mind and body of the individual present nearby.

Benefits of Lighting a Lamp

Lighting a puja lamp proves to be the first step made in the right direction to accomplish our wishes. Further, lighting a lamp has proven to invoke the blessings of goddesses or angels and thus the individual is blessed with divine wisdom and inner strength to pursue his or her ambitions.

By lighting a lamp or diya, the worshipper

  • welcomes the blessings of God, thereby ushering in good luck, wealth, positivity and prosperity.
  • surrenders his or her shortcomings and receives divine blessing to attain superior knowledge and get rid of fear, anxiety and disbelief.
  • gets more opportunities to thank God for giving a happy, healthy and contented life. This gratitude is known to bring more such situations to remain grateful to the Supreme creator
  • creates an opportunity to welcome goddess Lakshmi to the house, symbolically inviting wealth and prosperity.

Thus, lighting a puja lamp can do a world of good to our lives. Despite all the benefits, there is a considerable reduction in the lighting of lamps for various reasons among today’s youth such as lack of time, lack of patience and the hassles of handling oil and wick. Whatever may be the reason, we all should light a lamp in our house atleast once every day and that can make our lives much better.