It is a common desire that we all want our life to change instantly through some sort of a miracle. Almost everyone on this planet must have hoped for or prayed for a miracle during some stages of their life, atleast once.  

No, we are not talking about walking on the water or changing sea water into sweet water… That is not the sort of miracle we are talking about. We mean, miracle is something that brings along divine intervention allowing us to manifest something that was not humanly possible without any external help. 

Yes, miracles do happen to people in real life and there is a way to achieve it. How ready are you to receive miracles in your life? It is said that one who wants to experience a miracle in one’s life, one has to be prepared to participate when it is unfolding. No, we are not trying to be philosophical, we are trying to explain the process of allowing miracles to enter your life. 

There are two ways to experience miracles in your life. 

  1. Lighting a Lamp regularly
  2. Practicing Gratitude

How lighting a lamp ensures miraculous change in life?

You may argue that lighting a lamp is a south Indian tradition and it has nothing to do with miracles. This simple act of lighting a puja lamp and praying everyday prepares you mentally to solve your problems. Scientifically, the mind that prays is focused on achieving a solution to any specific problem, which can be anything from finance to relationship issues to job security or health… or just about anything. 

When you light a puja lamp or diya and pray at specific times during morning or evening or both, the glowing lamp adds more energy to you and to your surroundings. Lighting of lamps is an ancient ritual that is practiced even today in millions of Hindu households even today without any lag. This simple ritual has proven to bring loads of positive energy. The light of the diya or puja lamp symbolizes auspiciousness and invites goddess Lakshmi. The light, which emanates because of the special oil in the lamp is known to attract prosperity and fertility leading to positive changes in the lives of the household where it is lit. 

Remember, our lives on this planet are governed by light. When there is no light, no life is possible on this earth. Light removes darkness and allows us to carry out our daily tasks. Thus, lighting a lamp is regarded as the symbolic representation of removing darkness or negativities from our life using our knowledge. 

According to Hindu scriptures, those with purity of heart and mind attract wealth and prosperity. Thus, lighting a puja lamp not only purifies the place where it is lit, but also purifies the mind and heart of the person who prays before a lighted lamp. Thus, the first step to achieve a seemingly impossible dream is to light a lamp and allow the miracle to unfold naturally. It is also regarded as the first step taken in the right direction by removing the darkness from your life. It creates a welcoming aura and a calm atmosphere to let the universe know your needs clearly and thus work towards the manifestation of your dreams and wishes. 

How miracles follow a grateful mind?

We all know that being grateful is a good quality. But wondering how gratitude produces miracles and what do we mean by practicing gratitude? 

Yes, there is some scientific backing to this claim. When you show gratitude for everything that you have and everything that is coming your way, the energy around you changes drastically. Your body glows with a different aura, you kind of become a light in the darkness. And you begin to attract more positive things in your life as you become more receptive to universal blessings. 

When you become more receptive, you will begin to attract more wealth and abundance. This leads to change in your mindset; from scarcity to abundance. Being thankful for all that you have and everything that you have received so far is certainly a game-changer. So, develop gratefulness and say thanks to all that you have. Don’t worry about what you don’t have. 

Well, if you want to know what are the things for which you can be grateful for? Be grateful for everything that you have in your life currently. From the people who grew food on your plate, to the knowledge that you gained to physical health and all the comforts that you have. Clean water, breeze, house to live in… there are countless things that you can be grateful for. 

Practice gratitude before a lighted lamp during a specific time of the day and you can witness miracles unfold quietly in your life.